National Museum of Tanzania engages in Formal and Non-formal Education and lifelong learning, through the development and transmission of knowledge, educational and pedagogical programs, in partnership with other educational institutions, notably schools. Educational programs in Museums primarily contribute to educating various audiences about the subject matters of their collection and about civil life, as well as helping to raise greater awareness of the importance of preserving heritage, and fostering creativity.

Education Services in National Museum of Tanzania includes the following places

Outreach Programs :

The outreach programs are executed under collaboration with our stakeholders like Schools, colleges universities and other organisations that are in need of museum services in education at their designated areas. The second type is during special programs or events that happens in the museum calendar. Both of them involves the museum staff with materials to visit the mentioned above.

Library :

There are three types of them which are

  • Periodical library
  • Public Library
  • Children Library and they both offer education services five days a week Monday-Friday.

Story telling :

Story telling room is for small children to have an opportunity to have a conducive environment for story telling, schools are invited to bring their classes for this special service.

Children Fair :

Is an annual art competition program for primary and secondary schools. Schools enters by registration to the destination center in which the theme and categories of what to be competed for every year...