Tanzania emblem
Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania

Makumbusho ya Taifa la Tanzania

Misingi Mikuu

Core Values

The NMT will be guided by the five (5) fundamental beliefs while discharging their responsibilities as mandated

1: People-Centred-Institution

The NMT is a cultural centre for all policies guiding the existence of museums, monuments and sites in the country;

2: Transparency

The NMT is an institution which is dedicated to serving and delivering services to the society with due diligent about community’s ideas and knowledge in the realm of transparency and fairness;

3: Integrity

The NMT is an ethically bound institution, guaranteed by professional moral ethics;

4: Speciality

The National Museum of Tanzania is a cultural and education institution, with specialised professions, endeavours with respect of, and adheres to professionalism, envisioned to deliver services based on authentic and scientifically processed information about culture and heritage;

5: Custody

The National Museum of Tanzania is a responsible institution, not just as repositories of objects or sites of experience or instruments for generating cultural meaning, but also, based on researched work as a creator and disseminator of the national values in its own right; and

6: Symbolism

The National Museum of Tanzania is a symbol of cultural heritage management in Tanzania, a reputable, competent and leading institution in the sector of cultural heritage, with dedicated heritage professions, competent and ethical museum, monuments and sites specialists.