The United Republic of Tanzania

The National Museum of Tanzania (NMT)


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We offer consultancy to the government and non-government Organisations, the local communities, individuals and the public in general, in the following areas;

  • Museum planning and establishment
  • Initiating and developing cultural centres and cultural villages
  • Conservation and treatment of collections
  • Ethnographic, archaeological and ecological research
  • Collection of cultural and natural objects
  • Management of museum collections
  • Planning, designing and setting-up museum exhibition
  • Staging of cultural event including theatrical performances
  • Theatre services management
  • Cultural heritage impact assessment
  • Assessment of significance of cultural heritage resources
  • Identification of cultural tourism attractions
  • Cultural tourism development
  • Heritage educational program design and implementation
  • Designing public outreach programs related to museum and culture
  • Analysis of museum collections
  • Development of heritage management and conservation plans
  • Development of master plans of historic towns/places