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Imewekwa: 20 Dec, 2023

Mbuamaji Historical Site

mbuamaji historical site at Kigamboni District, in Dar es Salaam, is a popular tourist destination because of its various a­raction. In addition to archaelogical, history and cultural heritage values, the Site is nationally protected by the Tanzania Government Notice No. 5 of 27 December 1960.

Mbuamaji has been an important trade centre since the 15 Century. It is the only ancient coastal city-state in Dar es Salaam that has survived from the Middle Ages to the present days. The site was once an important centre for the production of early iron goods, as well as Pangani, Bagamoyo, Kaole, Mafia, and Kilwa, among other ancient coastal cities. The po­ery that has been found there demo[1]n strates that, the site was occupied between 600 to 1500 AD and thrived from the 18 Century to the 19 Century

Att­ractions at Mbuamaji

Oldest mosque dating back to the 18 – 19 Century, which has been well preserved by the Islamic Club of Ilala in Dar es Salaam

• An old, study well near the mosques that still produces excellent water, despite the fact that it is near the sea

• Beautiful beach which entices swimming and fishing

• Ancient ruins, well-structured Sharif Graves

What to do

Vacation, Education activities, Research exercution, Swimming, Boat ride and Filming.

Nearby Att­ractions

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Gett­ing There

Mbuamaji site is located at Kigamboni 30 Kilometres from the City Centre. The site can easily be reached by road and boat